AR51 is a fast paced cut-throat card game for 2 to 4 players. Your goal is to keep your containment areas clear and be the last player with empty containment areas. Use actions cards to move the aliens between players and steal others abilities. Use abilities to improve your containment areas efficiency or sabotage your opponents areas. Liquidate those aliens with your attack cards.


You must keep your containment areas clear of aliens!

Use alien cards to fill your opponents containment areas.

Keep your areas clear by liquidating the aliens with attack cards.

Or, give them back to your opponents

Upgrade your areas to make it easier to get rid of aliens

Downgrade your opponents areas to make it harder for them to liquidate.

Don’t like you containment area abilities? No worries. Take your friends good ones or just give them your bad ones. They’ll thank you for it.

To many aliens and not enough attacks? No Problem. NUKE’M*!

* Only if lucky enough to get both.


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